Friday, January 23, 2009

This semester is not starting well at ALL. I am almost positive I failed a journalism "reading quiz" today. EVEN though I'm on like freaking chapter 5 of the book and bragged to my professor how I couldn't put the book down. What I did not mention is that I read the first chapter back in december and therefore couldn't remember the name of the fake 6 year old herion addict mentioned. Also, I'm pretty sure my deodorant is wearing off because I'm sstarting to SMELL. Thank god no one is in the newsroom. Tragically, I've been in the newsroom since my news media class let out (at ONE!) because Mitch has been doing god knows what and just left me to hang out here. To make things worse, Kerri decided that she is no longer in need of my services and would like me to magically disapear before Amy arrives. Well.. impossible and it is not my responsibility to figure things like this out. I changed my entire schedule to babysit Ryan for ONE night and yet, I've been there since Tuesday. I feel like I've been in this fucking newsroom since Tuesday. There's nothing to do. Nothing exciting anyway... besides working on a story I don't feel like working on. It's friday. I wanted to have fun time tonight. Instead, I'm going to spend the entire night arguing with my sister about how she plans to get me home. This is such bullshit. Okay, so I should probably stop complaining.. but, I've been at school since like 8:40 am and I'm still here and its not because I have something to do or because I am hanging out with people but because my ride forgot I was here.. more or less. Or, knew I was here and didn't care and just took his sweet ass time, figuring, eh who cares if she's stuck at school.

In other news, my classes seem like they are going to be pretty hard and I'm already behind.. or, at least I feel behind. WELL, I'll be home all by myself the entire weekend so I should have plenty of time to fix the "not getting off to a good start because I've been at my sisters house all week because I was doing her a favor and yet I get stuck at school and shipped away as soon as she wants to do something else" problem.

Plus, even though I said I didn't want to do the Admin. beat for newspaper, I am anyway.. which I really don't even care about. Someone left their water in here... I think I'm going to drink it.. hopefully no one has herpes.

Okay well apparently Mitch is almost here.