Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cakes and Kisses.

I have been listening to "Cake and Kisses" by John Powell for two straight hours. It is an instrumental song that I heard on "P.S. I Love You" when they first got to Ireland.

I'm not sure why, but this song has calmed me down and helped me think.

Which brings me to this: the simple, seemingly minuscule..

(Now the song is skipping.)

...things in my life are kind of what makes me okay.

The stress of being in college is incomparable to anything I've ever experienced. The feeling of constant pressure and sometimes uncertainty is overwhelming. The fear of the future. These are all very intimidating and sometimes crippling feelings. How does a student explain this to their professors? They don't. Though, if anyone could understand the pressure of college, it would be them. Some, if not most, have more than a BA - so they have to know how it feels.

Even when it comes to this blog. I want to write a relevant, journalistic blog. But, I have no idea what to write about other than being a student. That is all my life consists of and when I deviate from school mode, my classwork inevitably suffers.

So, what does a student do when they no longer feel like a student and the only way they remain okay is playing a song on repeat?

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