Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You made us regret anticipating your new album.

Okay, so this kid from Canada obviously did somewhat of a review on Eminem's new music video, "We Made You."

I obviously disagree with him - despite my love of Eminem. Though, I must argue that my love of his music comes from his first FOUR albums and does not acknowledge "Encore".

I have had a lot of conversations about Eminem's come back and we all agree that if he wants to be a contender with Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West and recently T.I., he is going to have to:

1) Explain where he has been and what the hell he has been doing for all of these years. If he had emotional stuff going on, tell us - but don't release two comedic singles in a row and expect your fans to still respect you.

2) Listen to "Infinite," "Slim Shady LP," "Marshall Mathers LP," and "The Eminem Show" and reflect on what made him so legendary in the first place. This guy once had influence - when he started baggin' on Ja Rule, all of a sudden, Ja Rule's career was over. Also, when one of Em's albums dropped, EVERYONE I knew BOUGHT it that day and that is all they talked about for weeks. When is the last time you a) bought a CD and b) talked about it constantly? I haven't since "The Eminem Show."

4) Talk about something that matters. No one cares that you are criticizing celebrities. We want you to talk shit about your Mom and Kim. Honestly, we are just all waiting for you to come out with something real and until you do, your career will be at a stand still. Monumental moments in history have occured since you've been gone and you need to address them. People are waiting.

5) Keep in mind that your real fans - the ones who know you even have an album named Infinite - HATED Encore and disregard the first single you release from a new CD.

That is all I have to say about Eminem. I have defended him in conversations, saying that when he comes back, he will trump every rapper out right now. Like I said, I'm still waiting.

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