Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have you ever have one of those days that everything seems to be going right? Today was like that. Even though it was raining, I was still in a really good mood. So much so that on my way home from Kerri's, I stopped and got my mom flowers.

And then... everything went bad.

I had to clean my bathroom when I got home which is always disgusting.. I don't care who you are. Especially when guys use your bathroom. Is making it in the toilet not a part of potty training boys? If not, someone needs to put it on the syllabus and quick. I'm done with it! From now on, if a boy misses, THEY are cleaning it up.

Moving on, everything was going fine until my little sister's dad called and as usual, we got blamed for whatever he did. Haley and I got in a huge fight, she apparently hates me now and I am out of a really good lip gloss because she took it in anger.

This left me to dye Easter eggs alone.. or, so I thought until my Mom and Donnie joined me. I don't know if they joined me out of pity or because they really enjoy dying eggs.. but, it was fun either way. I for some reason felt like every egg was an empty canvas and I was apparently Van Gough.

I dig the lamb. It adds character.

Anyway, I'm hoping that tomorrow will be fun. We actually have family coming over.

Have a Happy Easter!

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